Men's Comp

This competition is run across four nights MON TUE WED THUR with three divisions to choose from. We cater to all skill levels whether it’s a social kick or semi competitive we got you covered. Game times are as follows 6:15PM 7:00PM 7:45PM 8:30PM 9:15PM 10:00PM.

Youth Comp

Join the Friday night action with games kicking off from 6.15pm onwards. Limited spots available. Friday nights is strictly youth teams only.

Mixed Comp

The ladies asked for it and we delivered. This competition is currently running one night only. A fun and exciting comp to be part of with game time flexibility to suit your team, we highly recommend making a team.

Court Hire

Having a family gatherings or a social kick with the Boys/Girls then court hire is the best option. We are open to weeknight hires, weekend hires anytime you need it we do our best to deliver, we also can provide a ref if you want to take it to the next level. Local sporting clubs in the area that struggle for ground allocations we can help. Contact us now and secure your court.

Work Functions

Team bonding, corporate events or just time away from the office no better experience then indoor soccer world. Hire out the centre and bring your company indoors for a day or night event. Packages are available NOW.